Inductee Biography for ROGER CLYNE & THE PEACEMAKERS
Roger Clyne and drummer Paul “P.H.” Naffah formed Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers in 1998, after the short major-label run of their previous band, The Refreshments. Depending on whether you date the life of the band from the time The Refreshments started (1993) or their re-emergence as RCPM, they’ve been an important musical force in Arizona for the better part of three decades, an outstanding run.

The band continues to tour, release new albums and spearhead music festivals (Circus Maximus and January Jam) in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico. They continue to play Refreshments songs in concert, as well as songs introduced on their 10 RCPM studio albums. They’ve also forged a relationship with the Arizona Diamondbacks — the band’s “D-backs Swing” and post-game concerts are regular summertime features at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.

The Refreshments’ audition video for South By Southwest in Austin got the band signed to Mercury Records, where they released two albums, “Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy” (1996) and “The Bottle & Fresh Horses” (1997). Powered by Clyne’s songwriting, The Refreshments had a hit (“Banditos”) from their major-label debut album. The Refreshments also played the theme song for Mike Judge’s “King of the Hill” animated series.

Sensing a lack of support after a change of label management, they left the label. The band dissolved shortly afterward. However, Clyne and Naffah never distanced themselves from their mainstream success with The Refreshments as they pursued a path as an independent band with RCPM.

RCPM’s lineup has changed through the years, reflecting the almost familial side of the 1990s Tempe music explosion. Players who have been in the band include Gin Blossoms guitarist Scott Johnson and Dead Hot Workshop guitarist Steve Larsen, both of whom played on RCPM’s debut album “Honky Tonk Union” (1999). The band’s current lineup is Clyne (lead vocals and guitar), Naffah (drums), Nick Scropos (bass) and Jim Dalton (lead guitar).

If you count The Refreshments, the band has had nearly a dozen members over the years, but the consistency of Clyne’s musical vision has kept it on track. He was quoted as saying (after backpacking through the desert in Southern Arizona in 1999), “I found out that I really identify with a certain piece of land. … It’s indispensable — I begin to wither spiritually if I can’t reconnect. … It was a communion, a way to re-settle myself, to go back to the drawing board to find myself. … The desert is beautiful, but you have to remember everything out there has fangs and thorns.”

And the beauty of Clyne’s music, with all its fangs and thorns, has earned RCPM its place in the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame.

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