About the AMEHOF Advisory Council

To join the AMEHOF Advisory Council you must submit an application. The application is voted on by the Board of Directors. To submit an application you must first be recommended by a member of the Advisory Council or the Board of Directors. Contact the Advisory Council Committee Chairperson for more information or click this link and fill in the Advisory Council Application form. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION.

If you have a suggestion of who we should be inducting, send it to us!
We choose our nominees from the list on our “Suggested” future nominees list.
To view a list of “Suggested” Future nominees… CLICK HERE

The Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame consists of a BOARD OF DIRECTORS (who run the day to day operations of the organization) and the ADVISORY COUNCIL. The ADVISORY COUNCIL consists of many people from the entertainment community in Arizona. They nominate and vote on new inductions into the AMEHOF. The Board of Directors also votes in new inductees with the “Heritage Vote”.
The AMEHOF Advisory Council
A.D. Adams
Cie Allman-Scott
Jack Alves
Tommy Anderson
Linda Peterson Andrews
Gilbert Andrews
Dana Armstrong
Jay Babbitt
Traci Baker
Tom Bertling
Tom Bissonnette
Ralph Black
David Marshall Bornhoft
Liz Boyle
Karina (aka Kaaren) Brodesser
Linda Jane Brown
Randy Brown
Rich Brydle
Randall Clay Bush
David Campbell
Sal Caputo
Paul “P.C.” Cardone
Lynette Carrington
Don Cheek
Melissa Christiansen
Tina Clemmons
Roger Clyne
Beve Cole
Lee Cooley
Sean Cooney
Bob Corritore
David Cottle
James Cowden
Wayne Cunningham
Jeff Dayton
Otto D’Agnolo
Glenn De Jongh
Carl Della Vella
Gigi Dixon
John P. Dixon
Connie Shannon Dodge
Mark Dollar
Robert Doyle
William Eaton
Michael Finney
Julia Flannigan
George Frasher
Noel Fray
Chris Frazer
Jeff Freundlich
Rich Gilbert
Igor Glenn
Kevin Glenn
Ted Goddard
Mike Goldberg
Craig Griffin
Krista Griffin
Curtis Grippe
Sue Harris
Amy Hasslacher
Mary & Partick Heigl
Gina Herring
David Hilker
Toni Hoerl
Tiffany Holbein
Aleida M. Howard
Connie Hoy
Jon Iger
Dave Insley
Sean Jamison
Clyde Jorgenson
Anthony Kinchion
Ryan King
Susan Kiraly
Toni Koch
Marty Kool
Rochelle Kosanovich
Ken Koziol
Kathleen Kramer
Elaine Kurtz
James Lavis
Ari Levin
Fran Levinsky
Charles Lewis
Myron & Rachel Lieberman
Ray Lindstrom
Barry Lipkin
Jimmy Magahern
Robert P. Maldonado
Richard Mancini
Marty Manning
Samantha Hazlewood Martel
Patrick Martin
Kevin Mauch
Sam McAllen
Harry McCaleb
Llory McDonald
Diana Lee Messana
Miss Holley King
Chuck Morriss
Nora Moss
Vincent Murray
Mark Myers
Wendy Naylor
David Nichols
Michael Nitro
Kimberly ODonnell
Mike O’Donnell
Lee Oliver

Andy Olson
Robert E.B. Palmer Jr.
Glenda S. Paradee
Chris Pentecost
Al Perry
Chris Perry
Jim D. Powell
David Marshall Pryce
Ric Quigley
Bob Ray
Michael Reck
Mark Jeff Reed
Susan Ricci
Phoenix Romero
Ken Ronk
Thaddeus Rose
David Rhodes
Kim Rini
James Robertson
Gigi Rock
Josh Roffler
Lisa Sampson
Nikki Seguin
Jeff Senour
Mark Shander
Jim Sharpe
Kathleen Sherry
John Shultz
Patricia Silverberg
Kristy Smith
Greg Sneed
Jay Soto
Joey Spadafore
Perry Spadafore
Gail Starr
Warren B. Stern
Philip Talarico
Tom Tayback
Ed Toaspern
Bruce Tod
Michael Todd
Angie Torrez
Marshall Trimble
Lynn Trochelman
Dave Vitagliano
Shannon Wallace
Steve Wargo
Greg Warner
Jennifer B. Waters
William Watson
David Weil
Jim West
Paulette Willey
Randy Winslow
Susan Wood
Tom Wright
Johnny Zapp
Danny Zelisko
Brad Zinn
Mark Zubia


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