Inductee Biography for MOGOLLON
It began in 1979 in the small mountain town of Overgaard-Heber, Arizona when high school friends George Brunson and Duane Moore formed the band Mogollon. Within 2 years, the group had relocated to Phoenix and were building a strong fan base.

Mogollon was a touring band. They traveled throughout Arizona, the country and as far away as Germany. Their music was a little bit country, a little Southern Rock and just plain Mogollon.

The original band members included David Miller, Jeff Hammond, Ken McLaughlin, George and Duane. The first of their 4 albums was produced by Arizona’s own Grammy-award winning producer, Billy Williams. “Ride High Honey”, co-written by Duane and George, was the first Mogollon song to hit the airwaves. Their 3rd album was recorded live at the popular country bar, Toolie’s Country.

Band members changed over the years: Rick Panella, Bryan Kuban, Jon Kinsey and Austin Brooks. But George and Duane remained the heart of Mogollon for 35 years. Sadly, lead singer Duane Moore passed away unexpectedly in April, 2022.

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