Inductee Biography for LOY CLINGMAN
Loy Clingman was a pioneer of folk and rock-a-billy music in Arizona. He was known as “The Father of Arizona Folk Music” and is a member of the Arizona Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame.

Clingman was a songwriter, musician, cowboy poet and record producer all while supporting his family as a school teacher. He was also the owner of VIV Records which he purchased from Lee Hazlewood in 1957. It was a favorite hangout for local musicians including Mirriam Johnson (Jessi Colter), Donnie Owens, Sanford Clark and Duane Eddy. In 1960, he moved the studio from its Indian School location to his tiny garage where he continued to write songs and do recording sessions for the next 15 years.

Loy enjoyed performing live for fans and also recorded a number of songs as a solo artist as well as with his folk group, The Clingman Clan.

In the 1960s, Loy and his wife, Hassie opened Baboquivari, a folk music ‘coffee house’ in Scottsdale where customers could enjoy music by Arizona favorites like Henry Thome, Ronnie Ryan and Dolan Ellis.

Clingman is a major contributor to the entertainment and recording history of Arizona.