Inductee Biography for FLOYD RAMSEY

Floyd & Donna Ramsey With humble beginnings as a small radio repair shop in a house near the corner of 7th and Weldon, Ramsey’s Radio Repair grew to become the most successful recording studio in Arizona. Started in the 40’s by Clay Ramsey the business was enlarged several times for a repair shop, record store, barber shop and a small studio operated by Clay’s son Floyd and his wife Mary when he returned from the Army in 1945.

In the early 50’s the Ramsey’s began recording square dance records for their Old Timer Record label. Eventually that music operation became
Audio Recorders in 1957. Sanford Clark’s “The Fool” was the first hit from the tiny studio in 1956. Duane Eddy cut the million selling “Rebel
Rouser,” The Twang Heard Around The World” there in 1958, followed a year later by Skip & Flip’s “It Was I.” More hits would follow, all recorded in that little studio with the great water tank echo. Over the years Floyd Ramsey started several local labels including Liberty Bell, Rev and MCI in the 50’s and his own Ramco imprint in the 60’s. Many local performers made records for these labels before success including Al Casey, Wayne Newton, Ted Newman, Waylon Jennings and many others.

Hit records may have brought the fame, but the many commercial sessions were the bread and butter as the business continued to grow and expand. In 1963 with money from investor Niblack Thorne, a large modern studio was built across the street. The new Audio Recorders featured state of the art equipment, a main studio large enough to record the Phoenix Symphony with smaller rooms for mixing, mastering and tape duplication which was becoming an important part of the business.

As the recording business peaked in the early 70’s Ramsey began selling Sony professional video equipment and the named was changed to Audio-Video Recorders of Arizona. By the time Ramsey sold the business in April of 1991 annual gross sales were almost $7 million. Not too bad for a business that started in a small building, on the corner of 7th and Weldon.

Floyd passed away at home on April 17th, 2008 after a long battle with heart and health problems. Floyd and his wife Mary had recently celebrated 64 years of marriage in November of 2007. Floyd will forever be remembered for his lasting contribution to Arizona’s recording industry.