Inductee Biography for BOB MEIGHAN

Singer-songwriter Bob Meighan’s band, formed in Phoenix in 1973, and started playing at places like The Library, the club near ASU. The band covered old country classics and country-inflected rock by the likes of Jackson Browne, Poco and The Band. They also tried Meighan’s own tunes, which worked with audiences, and built their reputation locally. In a short while, the band was playing the Celebrity Theatre so often as an opening act that it “became a kind of house band” there. This exposure set the stage for the group to tour regionally. When the band relocated to Tucson, it got a steady gig at the Pawnbroker, which allowed Meighan and the band to hone his songs and onstage presentation. When the band self-released its debut album, “The Dancer,” sales around the state caught Capitol Records’ notice. The band was signed and the album re-recorded for national release in 1976. Although the band – which, besides Meighan (guitar and vocals), included David Dodt (guitar and vocals), Rodney Bryce (fiddle), Rich Howard (keyboards) and Dick Furlow (bass) – eventually ran its course, Meighan continued to play music for years, drifted away from it, and in the early 2000s began playing out again with singer-guitarist Norm Pratt, often with Furlow, the bassist from the Bob Meighan Band days, in tow.

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