Inductee Biography for WALLACE & LADMO

One of the most beloved childrens shows of all time and the longest running in television history, WALLACE AND LADMO is an important part of the entertainment fabric and culture of Phoenix, Arizona. The show is intertwined with more than a generation of children who grew up with a cast of characters that today, even as adults, have fond memories of Gerald the “bratty spoiled kid” to Aunt Maud , Captain Super and others played by Pat McMahon to the highly sought after “LADMO BAG” full of candy and goodies.

In the early 50’s Bill (Wallace) Thompson developed a one man childrens show that ran on channel 5 in Phoenix called “ITS WALLACE”. One day a cameraman named Lad Kwiatkowski was invited by Wallace to come help him entertain in “front” of the camera and a cohesive chemistry developed .

WALLACE AND LADMO as a local franchise was born. The popular show would go on to make local television history. It all ended in 1989 after a nearly 40 year run on KPHO channel 5. Today there are several W & L fan clubs and several websites devoted to the popularity of this iconic childrens show.

(bio by Jim West)

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