Inductee Biography for THE TUBES


The TUBES is a collection of friends that attending high school in Phoenix. They started out known as THE BEANS, became the RED, WHITE AND BLUES BAND and eventually became the TUBES when they all relocated to San Francisco in 1969.

They found their heyday in the late 70’s and early 80’s and were known for performances that contained lewd and wild satires of the media, consumerism and politics of the day.

Original members included Fee Waybill, Bill Spooner, Prairie Prince, Michael Cotten, Vince Welnick and Rick Anderson. Other early band members included Re Styles and Mingo Lewis who at one time played with Santana.

Hard rock and outrageous theatrics included Fee Waybill assuming the
on-stage persona of the character “Quay Lewd” as a drunk, drugged out singer with tall platform shoes and flashing oversized glasses. One of their first big hits was WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE that appealed to their young teenaged fan base.

The TUBES recorded for A & M and Capitol records and their stage shows were major productions through the years satirizing “B” movies , punk rock, tv shows and pop culture. Their act featured many performers including tap dancers and acrobatics and was very entertaining generating a cult following.

Fee Waybill quit the band in the eighties for a solo career and collaborated with musician Richard Marx for a successful writing partnership as well. He would rejoin the band for tours in 1993 and other album collaborations. Vince Welnick left to join the GRATEFUL DEAD and passed away in 2006.

From 1975 to 2005 the band charted 12 albums and 9 singles during their career. The remaining members of THE TUBES reunited in Phoenix for induction into the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall Of Fame in September of 2007.

(bio by Jim West)

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