Inductee Biography for MICHAEL LACEY

Michael LaceyMichael Lacey-Writer, Editor, New Times-In the spring of 1970, the country was in the midst of turbulence. The Vietnam War, college protests, Kent State, the sexual revolution, Easy Rider. Lines were being drawn between the old guard and the new and the “new” was winning. The Arizona Republic’s take on this cultural change
portrayed this “ new generation” as mad dog anarchists. It was in this climate that Michael Lacy became a founding member of the Phoenix New Times. Michael was member of a group of amateurs who had opinions, a Mickey Rooney/ Judy Garland “ can do” spirit, and a do it yourself work ethic. Lacy believed he could change the world or at least his corner of it. The New Times would be created to connect with his generation. Originally from Binghamton, NY, Lacey moved to Tempe in 1966 to attend ASU. While he was a student, Mike recalled, “I found writing to be a more meaningful alternative to drinking. Writing was a way for me to make sense of sense of politics and share with others the appreciation of music.” The first edition of Phoenix New Times rolled off the press in 1970. For the past 35 years, Executive editor, Michael Lacy and the Phoenix New Times have been a partner with the Arizona arts and music community; always keeping it’s readers informed of the newest sights and sounds; always keeping its finger on the pulse of politics and music. Michael Lacy and the Phoenix New Times continues to change the world, or at the very least, our corner of it.

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