Inductee Biography for JACK MILLER

Jack MillerJack Miller -studio engineer. Originally from Chicago, The Miller family settled on the west side of Phoenix back in 1953 when Jack was 19 years old. Having a hard time getting a job as a recording engineer, Jack first worked in the music business starting a record section in the variety store his family owned. He then went to work for Dawson Music, which was a combination music store, record label and recording studio here in town until landing a job at Ramsey’s Recording studio right after “The Fool” by Sanford Clark became a big Hit and brought national attention to Phoenix.

Ramsey’s became Audio Recorders and in 1958, Miller made MUSIC history by recording the “TWANG” HEARD AROUND THE WORLD,” on the single “Rebel Rouser” by Duane Eddy which sold over a million copies. According to Jack, the sound was in producer Lee Hazlewood’s
head. He knew what he wanted to hear and we figured out how to make it happen. Hazlewood and Ramsey found a 2500-gallon water tank and Jack placed a speaker at one end and a microphone at the other to create that famous echo chamber that created a gut-vibrating thrum that turned
Duane Eddy into a homegrown superstar.

The notoriety of the studio happened because of the music but the bread and butter of the business was recording radio commercials and advertising jingles. It got crazy busy and Jack developed a reputation as being the best. In the early 60’s, Jack felt like it was time for the BIG time; Miller left Phoenix to work at the RCA studios in Los Angeles. He recorded Henry Mancini, The Rolling Stones, The Limelighters and The Monkees. Los Angeles in the sixties got a little too crazy for Jack, so he moved back to Valley, came back to Audio Recorders and picked up where he left off. In 1978, Miller left the studio and started Jack Miller Productions. It’s been 50 years and Jack Miller is still working. He has received a Grammy for his work with Phoenix based, Canyon Records, he has spent the last 15 years archiving and preserving Arizona music and is currently working on more than a dozen projects for release this year.

Jack Miller