The Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame consists of a BOARD OF DIRECTORS (who run the day to day operations of the organization) and the ADVISORY BOARD. The ADVISORY BOARD consists of many people from the entertainment community in Arizona. They are the people who nominate and then vote on all new inductions into the AMEHOF. When the final votes are counted each year, the Advisory Board will have it's annual meeting and the Board of Directors will announce the results of the voting. We feel that a large Advisory Board will offer us a better chance to include all of the different fields of entertainment and will assist us in keeping the process fair.

We have come up with 5 major categories of the entertainment field we hope to include in the inductions.

  • MEDIA: (TV, Radio, Theater, Writers, Newspapers, Promoters, Recording Studios)
  • ROOTS: (Classic R&B, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Blues Rock, Americana, Latino, Gospel, Native American, Reggae/world beat)
  • ROCK: (Modern R&B, Classic rock, Punk, Metal, Rap, Alternative, Christian, Pop)
  • COUNTRY: (Traditional, Pop, Country Rock, Bluegrass)
  • FINE ARTS: (Symphony Orchestra, Theater, Musicals, Dance, Songwriters, Poetry, Visual Art)

In the future, we plan to form “sub-committees” within the Advisory Board who will represent each of the different areas of entertainment. These Advisory Board members will nominate names from their categories for the nominees list. We feel it's best if the experts in their fields inform us as to who deserves to be nominated from their particular areas of entertainment. This plan will take awhile to finish, but we hope to have the category committees in place eventually.

The AMEHOF Advisory Board

Jack Alves
Tony Amato
Gil Andrews
Linda Peterson Andrews
Lon Austin
Lynne Avril (Cravath)
Andrew Baade
Stu D. Baker
Ken Beals
Toni Beals
Bob Boze Bell
Berta Benally
Joe Bethancourt
Tom Bissonnett
Jana Bommersbach
Ray Bowen
Liz Boyle
Rich Brydle
Salvatore Caputo
Al Casey*
Sara Cina
Billy Cioffi
Gary Clemmons
Roger Clyne
Beve Cole
Jessi Colter
Bob Conrad
Sheryl Cooper
Bob Corritore
Tom Coulson
Jack Curtis
Jim DeBlois
Carl Della Vella
Mary Kay Della Vella
Stan Devereaux
John Dixon
Mark "Buck" Dollar
Robert Doyle
Michael Dunn
Dolan Ellis
Laura Fiddler
Michael Finney
Michael Fisher
Mike Fix
Mariah Fleming
Noel Fray
Pierre Lance Fuqua
Bob Gately
William Patrick Gately
Charles Gearheart
Stefan George
Igor Glenn
Carole Compton-Glenn
Reed Glick

Andy Gonzales
Bob Gottlieb
Krista Griffin
Scott Hallock
Dan Harkins
Kyle Harris
Chuck Hauke
Lucky Hayes
David Henzerling
Bob "Willard" Henke
Ray Herndon
Rhonda Hitchcock
Nicholas (Nico) Holthaus
Jon Iger
Scotty Johnson
Ron Keel
Sharon Kelley
Marty Kool
Ken Koziol
Blaise Lantana
Steve Larson
Michele Laudig
Diana Lee
Ray Lindstrom
Don Livesay
Connie Mableson
Marty Manning
Ralph Marchetta
Rachelle Marmor
Chuck "Wagon" Maultsby
Jim May
Llory McDonald
Pat McMahon
Andrew Means
Jimmy Magahern
Mary McCann
Bob Meighan
Ed Mell
John Michaels
Jack Miller
Terry Miller
Marty Mitchell
Hadley Murrell
Joe Myers
Mark Myers
Patricia Myers
R. Carlos Nakai
Wendy Naylor
Mark Naylor
Michael Nitro
Ray Odom
Lee Oliver
Hans Olson
Andy Olson
Scott O'Neal

Jeff Parets
James Parks
Pete Pearson
Al Perry
Jimmy Peyton
Scott Pfister
Don Pogrant
Rose Prock
Courtney Proffitt
Carmela Ramirez
Bob Ramsey
Gary Ramsey
Pandy Raye
Richard Rice
Walt Richardson
Jerry Riopelle
Keith Ritchie
Jonathan L. Rosen
Ray Rossi
Joel Samuel
Rankin Shaver
Russell Shaw
Erich Sielaff
Ken Skaggs
J. David Sloan
Gordon Smith
Paul Spradlin
James Stellhorn
Patricia Steward
Terri Sussman
Marilyn Szabo
Phil Talarico
Melissa Testa
Ron Thomas
Henry Thome
Dwight Tindle*
Marshall Trimble
Lynn Trochelman
Ben Tyler
Jesse Valenzuela
Susan Vargo
Lissa Wales*
Tom Walker
"Wallace" (Bill Thompson)
Virg Warner
Terry Wells
Claire West
Jim West
Billy Williams
Robin Wilson
Rodd Wolff
Dee Dee Wood
Tom Wright
Danny Zelisko

* in Memoriam
To join the AMEHOF Advisory Board you must submit an application. The application is voted on by the Board of Directors. To submit an application you must first be recommended by a member of the Advisory Board or the Board of Directors. Contact the Advisory Board Committee Chairperson for more information

To view a list of "Possible" Future nominees... CLICK HERE

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